there’s a beauty twenty-two hundred miles away.
there’s a beauty who’s twenty-two today.
there’s a boy staring at the sunset green,
raising a toast to the woman of his dreams.

twenty-two states too far.
twenty-two sparks in my heart.
she’s twenty-two dreams in twenty-two days.
she’s the symphony in the rain.

there’s a twenty-two part harmony
between two hearts.
there’s a nation of land and sea
helping two souls trust what could be.

today i wish i was with you,
the beauty who is twenty-two.
today i wish i could see,
the woman who makes me wanna be me.

there’s a beauty from the heavens above,
she colors the skies with faith and love.
she sings in her Father’s will,
and gives the boy twenty-two chills.

she has the beauty of twenty-two angels,
she can connect the stars with her stunning eyes.
the distance between california and ohio is enough
to make this boy cry.

i wanna hold your hand at the ocean’s shore,
we can watch the sunset from a twenty-second floor.
i wish i could keep you warm,
i wish you could just stay…
here with me,
the boy by the sea.

i wish you could stay,
with me today.

and to my knees i fall,
to the heavens i pray,
and i thank the sunset Painter
for His beautiful daughter today.

for you are the beauty of my day.
you give me color in a new way.
you are the sunset of my soul today.

for you are the sunset of my soul today…

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