You woke me this morning and invited me to breathe
You took away my clothes, you stole my stuff
You burned my possessions, you were enough

You took my hand and invited me outside
You set flame to my house and gave my car away
You pointed to the sky and said welcome to another day

I was afraid but you comforted me with open arms
You told me love doesn't live in things, plastic and diamond rings
You took my money and gave it away, told me you were enough today

It pained me to watch it all go
But you gazed at me with eyes that said there was more to know
We kept walking, the fire continuing to burn it all
My knees tightened, the clouds began to fall

I asked you why, why you had to burn it all
Don't you care about me at all
Then you stopped, told me to turn around
You told me to tell you what I saw

My house burning, my car and job gone
My clothes off but the curtains not drawn
My money in the trash, my things nothing but smashed
I told you that I saw myself dying as I lost it all

And then you left my side and showed up in the flames
Holding my body up clothed in gold armor
And as the flames continued to attempt a fight
You showed me love in that burning light

You wept all over me and cried out to let go of my life and all this stuff
Your tears covered me in a love that was more than enough
You told me that my fortune today was the next breath I took
You invited me into the pages of your eternal book

And your tears of joy and love put out the flames
As you sang over and over the melody of my name
Smiling and laughing and crying
And I knew you were enough

All was still and the flame was now your love inside me
The flame was your love helping me to see
That you were enough for me

You are enough for me...

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