Ferris Wheels

There are ferris wheels in these clouds,
And I am spinning.
I am spinning in an ocean of sky,
And I am living.

I hear the voice of the carnival man.
He says, ‘Today is your time,
Are you just dreaming,
Or is it time to fly?’

The choices change as I spin,
And I’m revealed for my sickness and sin,
As I breathe in the winds of love
That break me and make me,
In songs of truth from above.

I am spinning now,
I am singing now,
In reflections of who I was.
I am spinning now,
I am living now,
In the transformation of love.

There is something real among us,
Frustrating this world because it’s true.
We need to let go of the concrete and plastic,
And cling to what makes us new.

There is something real among these walls,
Complicating the poetry of how we fall.
Every day our mixed-up perversion
Magnifies our desperate cry for conversion.

Unleash your soul, world,
And find that hidden pearl.
Among this sinful vacation island,
Our souls spin for another world.

There is something beautifully real at our door,
Calling and crying and inviting us to more.
This world will never fill the void.
This world can’t lift us off the floor.

Quit trying to hold on so tight,
To the life that has flooded your sight.

Open your eyes,
There is still so much more.
Our souls spin for another world.

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