Soul Shine

shoe shine my soul
and roll me round down to my knees please,
where Your fresh wind
fresh fire Spirit can blow
flow through my soul
to sweet nickel dime tune time,
where Your song fills me deep in sleep
and before, bedside
so that i don't ride my pride
but surrender myself to Thee.
i yearn, i burn
to witness bantam beauty
on the day, maybe saturday,
sunday, monday, funday, not my day,
Your day, when You'll jump back come back
here, where we stand, and say "I am,"
while You wear the true truth,
the grace, and the only loving face
that is those fee fi fiddle me three.
from toes to knees, i'm balanced to worship Thee.

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Matt said...

You should put more poetry and more design on here, man. So talented.