Stars In The Sidewalk

I want a case of the Hollywood plastic.
I want a face that shimmers fantastic.
I want my name painted in italics,
On the cover of magazines and jackets.

I am the insecure looking for a cure,
In a town congested with poetic emptiness.
Where are the people who want to be real,
Instead of searching for the temporary feel.

I am the trend who’s trying to bend
My cheekbones to the fitness of Hollywood.
I am the kid on the corner looking to the sky,
Wondering if the billboards are truth or lies.

I am the kid at the ocean wondering why,
The sunset is more fulfilling than a town full of lights.
When will this plastic melt,
To reveal the hand we’ve been dealt.

I want a life that doesn’t end
With cheekbones and billboards and big screen lords.
I want a life that doesn’t end
With us staring at the stars in the sidewalk…

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